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True to its word, Whiteboard Mojo is by far the most complete whiteboard sketching tool on the market. Outstanding

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Whiteboard Mojo


Whiteboard Mojo is the most complete whiteboard                                                                                             application available on the App Store.

  • Flowing Free Form Tool
  • Structure Annotations
  • Accent Highlighters
  • Sizable Shapes
  • Pre Configured Map Sections
  • Facebook Friend Sharing
  • 36 Videos ‘Learn To Draw Icons’

Download This App Now Free – Use All Tools To Create 3 Mojo Whiteboards.

            Full Version $ 2.99

(includes future releases – coming next bluetooth and screen capturing tools)


Education. Business. Productivity.

Whiteboard Mojo is an extremely versatile application which has been designed for the education, business and productivity categories.

Create presentations which will propel your business to new heights, using effective drawing tools and professional mapping charts.

Allow your class to create stunning notes and presentations using the most advanced and intuitive app available.

You are able to test the application with 3 free practice boards, ensuring you can really get a feel for the product before having to choose to upgrade.



The widest range of sketching features available to iPad

For more information, and to download the app, visit our page on iTunes




Most Sketching Features on the IPad

Education – Business – Productivity


show the world that your ideas matter – with 24 features – Whiteboard Mojo gives you the unfair advantage


24 preconfigured map parts make it easy to put your mindmaps on steroids and WOW your friends and colleages


36 learning videos show you how to draw and get attention even faster

An intuitive easy to use app

  • Flowing Free Form Tool
  • Structure Annotations
  • Accent High Lighter

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What can I do with the Whiteboard Mojo iPad app?

Whiteboard Mojo is a powerful whiteboard that captures your ideas, notes and sketches that you can share with peers, clients, family and friends.

Distance teams, project groups, and sales teams share sketches instantly. Share via email, Dropbox, Facebook, twitter and more.

Teachers and students easily record homework, lessons, reports and more – directly from an iPad, without additional equipment


Does Whiteboard Mojo work on all iPad versions?

Yes! From original to the latest iPad, Whiteboard Mojo is ready to capture your ideas.


Does Whiteboard Mojo work on Android tablets?

We’re focused on the iPad for now. At some point in the future, we may create an app for Android devices.


Can teachers get an educational discount?

Yes! Our apps are available to all educational institutions at a massive 50% off the normal retail price. In addition to being available for individual purchase, Whiteboard Mojo is available through the App Volume Purchase Program.This allows educational establishments to purchase apps at cost effective prices.

If you already have an Apple Program Facilitator ID, then please search for ‘Whiteboard Mojo’ in the Apple Education Store or click on the link on this page to be taken straight to the app’s page.

Using my finger to draw on the whiteboard is great but not always precise. Is there a better way?

Yes! For best results, experiment with a drawing tool or stylus.


Using my own handwriting is hard. Is there a better way?

We understand! Just use the text tool to create a professional quality writing. Select from the fonts provided, or import your favorite fonts from your personal library.


What if I can’t draw?

If you aren’t happy with your drawings, watch and learn at your own pace with step-by-step video lessons. Choose from 36 video shorts. In minutes, you can learn how to draw visual icons with confidence. Hint: watch the video as many times as you wish, drawing along to learn the steps.

Ideas Come To Live Easier

Simple And Intuitive Tool

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